Ainsley Cohen

Ainsley lives in Silverlake with her husband West. She has a 4 year old daughter Leila, a 2 year old son Malcolm, and an 18 year old step-daughter Sonia. She has worked in the fashion industry for 15 years, and is currently a creative director working on projects for various clients.

Describe your style?

- I think first and foremost, fashion should be fun. I like to find and wear unexpected things. I bring a lot of different influences into my personal style. I love to shop and I mix things up a lot. I like to be unpredictable.

There's lots of really cool art in your house..tell us about it.

- My husband is an artist and it's important to both of us that our home is filled with art. We have a very eclectic mix, most of which is from friends and things that we have collected together along the way

You're in a happy marriage..what's your recipe?/

- Well my husband likes to say "Happy wife, happy life"..I mean, apart from having a super strong physical attraction to one another, being able to appreciate life together and not take it for granted, but also being able to laugh about it i think are the key ingredients.

Do you exercise regularly?

- I have been studying pilates for about 10 yrs now, I practice the Fletcher method. Finding something you love and bringing it into your every day is so important. Exercise is a big part of my life.

Describe your parenting style.

- That's a tough one, let's just say, I don't like my kids to have dirty food faces and fingers. Getting messy is cool and then learning to wash your hands and face is even cooler.

Products you swear by...

- I like this lipstick called "hello sailor" by the lipstick queen, when you roll it out of the tube its blue which is a little strange at first, but it gives just the right tint. I also love Aesop products, I actually like to cut my Aesop body cream with palmers shea butter lotion, I know it's a little crazy but it makes for the perfect moisturizer.

You've shopped retail all over the world, what do you like about Heist?

- Heist is a great representation of LA which is something that a lot of stores have a difficult time with. The product mix really feels easy and embodies LA life.

Favorite brands at Heist?

- Current favorites would be Roseanna - I am obsessed, Strom Jeans are the best fitting jeans I've ever had in my life, I love them. NSF, V::room, Giada Forte, Isabel, etc etc...the list goes on...