Shiva Rose

Shiva Rose - blogger, actress, activist, mother, Lives in Pacific Palisades with daughters Coco & Charlotte

Have you always led a holistic lifestyle?

- I always gravitated towards nature but when my life crumbled I truly found solace in the natural world and all its wonders and purity.

Have your daughters also adopted the same principles?

- Yes…although sometimes they do try to sneak in some contraband item, only to regret it later

What’s considered contraband?

- Something like Pantene shampoo or potato chips containing GMO’s!

What made you start your blog?

- Once I delved into the natural world I felt a need to share my knowledge with others. The blog gave me a voice…it was a nice transition from acting.

Lets talk about your love life…

- I had a tumultuous five years after my divorce. I was in a passionate but challenging relationship, I did however discover a wilder side of myself. It also led me to spiritual growth so I am grateful for the experience. And now I’m embracing my new beginnings like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon.

Characteristics of your ideal man…

- Humor, connection to nature, likes children & animals, noble, protective, honest, passionate.

Challenges of single/co-parenting…

- Having to be both nurturing and the disciplinarian.

How do you feel about aging?

- The lifestyle changes I’ve made have freed me from illness so I truly feel better than I did in my 20’s. This is the best age for me so far, because we’re old enough to know how fleeting it all is, yet still young enough to enjoy it!

What do think your 50’s will be like?

- Somewhere on a farm…working on my skincare line, writing books, being around my daughters & their children, traveling...

Advice to your younger self…

- Listen to your gut. Act out of love, not fear. Don’t take things too personally.

How do you stay in shape?

- Hiking, Pilates, Kundalini Yoga, throwing on some music & dancing with my girls.

Any vices?

- Bad boys (literally) and Breaking Bad (the TV show) totally addicted!

Your own favorite recipes…

- Chickpea kale quinoa dish - Cookies w almond flour + coconut sugar - Fava bean dip

Favorite places to eat around town...

- Café Gratitude, Axe, Mozza, Cookbook in Echo Park, Farmer & The Cook in Ojai.

How do you want to be remembered

- For being an instrument of love and for somehow protecting our Mother Earth.

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