Leila Brewster

Leila Brewster, photographer— lives between NY & LA with her two dogs, Michael Jackson & Chewy.

Describe your work:

— Airy, whimsical, dreamy, photo-journalistic

Did you grow up in a creative environment?

— Hell no...I don't even remember having coloring books as a kid!!

So then how did you get into photography?

— I just started carrying a camera around and realized I see things more beautifully through its lens.

What do you hold dearest to your heart?

— My passport

How many entries are there in it?

— 30 countries

Best part of your work?

— Capturing life.  I'm living my story 

Worst part of your work?

— Keeping track of receipts

Is there anything that limits your creativity?

— I always tell my clients "you can't photoshop love"

Have you ever been in love?

— Yes, he just doesn't know it yet...

How did you discover Heist?

— Um, you're my aunt.

Favorite brands?

— Raquel Allegra, Golden Goose, Isabel Marant, Avant Toi

Favorite spots?

— Bikram Yoga, Cafe Gratitude, Farmer's Market

See more of Leila's work on her website